North and Brother Islands

This exciting itinerary offers divers the opportunity to explore the renowned North and Brother Islands, renowned for their breathtaking drop-offs, famous wrecks, and stunning reefs.

Itinerary Schedule

Day 1

Commence the journey with a check dive at a local dive site near Hurghada, followed by an afternoon and night dive.

Day 2 - 4

Embark on a two-day cruise through the northern Red Sea. Typically, three day dives and a night dive are scheduled each day. The specific dive sites and their order may vary depending on prevailing conditions, but expect to visit notable wrecks such as the Thistlegorm, as well as the impressive Ras Mohamed marine park, offering exceptional reef diving opportunities.

Day 5

Allocate one day to explore the Brothers marine park.

Day 6

Conclude the trip with two leisurely morning dives in close proximity to Hurghada, allowing for an early afternoon return to the harbor. Take advantage of the evening to purchase souvenirs and experience Egypt's renowned hospitality before departing the following day.

PLEASE BE AWARE that the above itinerary serves as an example and the availability of dive sites cannot be guaranteed. All dive sites are subject to weather conditions, and the final route is determined solely by the captain and dive guides. Adverse weather conditions may impact the itinerary, which may include one or two overnight sailings. Night dives are not permitted within the marine parks. This itinerary can commence and conclude at either Port Ghalib or Hurghada.