Deep South

This itinerary is centered on the magnificent reefs of St. Johns and Fury Shoal. During this safari, divers will have the opportunity to explore a variety of truly unique dive sites, which are home to some very interesting and unusual reef formations.

Itinerary Schedule

Day 1

Embark on a check dive at a local dive site in Port Ghalib before proceeding south for an afternoon dive en route to St. Johns.

Day 2

Explore the dive sites of St. Johns.

Day 3

Spend the morning diving in St. Johns before traveling north to dive in the Cave Reef area, followed by a continuation towards Fury Shoal.

Day 4

Enjoy a leisurely day of captivating reef diving in Fury Shoal.

Day 5

Travel north from Fury Shoal, taking in the beautiful dive sites of the Wadi Gamal area.

Day 6

After an early morning dive at Elphinstone, indulge in a relaxed dive local to Port Ghalib, allowing for a smooth return to the harbor in the early afternoon. Take advantage of an evening onshore to purchase souvenirs and enjoy Egypt's famous hospitality before departing the following day.

PLEASE NOTE. The itinerary above serves as an example of the planned route, and dive sites cannot be guaranteed. All dive sites are subject to weather conditions, and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain.
Please be aware that the schedule will vary depending on weather and other logistical or force majeure considerations.